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Plus size high impact wireless full cup lightly padded sports bra (Size 32/70 - 42/95, C - E)

Plus size high impact wireless full cup lightly padded sports bra (Size 32/70 - 42/95, C - E)

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Are you looking for sports bras that comfortably hold your breast during exercise in home or gym? Also, do you work in an environment where you need to move a lot such as restaurants? Do you always encounter that shops nearby don't carry your size? We might have your size and we will deliver to your door for you

Though, please note that the correctly chosen sports bra makes a difference in your workout. Whichever workout you are in - walking, running, or exercising in a gym, home, or studio, you need a sports bra that provides you comfort, support, and easy to get on and off. Also, the sports bras should be durable and nice looking.

 To find right sports bra, you must check

  • Size
Please measure your body and compare it with the size chart as the wrong size obviously wouldn't fit at all.
Fullest part of bust - 109cm
Under bust - 90cm
then use the chart to find the size
In this case, Size 40D

  • Support type
Compression type
Compression type is more like hugging your body which makes better support on smaller breast.
Encapsulation type
Encapsulation type provides support on individual breast and makes better support on larger breast.
Combination of Compression and Encapsulation
Combined types press the breast to the body simultaneously providing each breast is supported. Ideal for high impact movement.


This plus size high impact wireless full cup lightly padded sports bra provides optimal support (combination of compression and encapsulation) on your breast during the exercise. Especially, if you have large breasts and would like to protect them during high impact exercise then this is ideal for you.

These plus size high impact wireless full cup lightly padded sports bras come in many sizes from 32C, 32D, 32E, 34C, 34D, 34E, 36C, 36D, 36E, 38C, 38D, 38E, 40C, 40D, 40E, 42C, 42D and 42E.


This sports bra is

  • Wireless
  • Lightly padded
  • Full cup
  • Outer: 72%Polyamide and 28% Spandex Inner: 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex
  • Band size: 32/70 - 42/95, Cup size: C - E


To ensure a satisfying experience upon receiving your order, we kindly request you to carefully select the appropriate size. This will help avoid any potential disappointment.

Please note that under normal circumstances, the delivery time may range from 2 to 6 weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter

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